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Now you can use Golf Like a Tour Pro on your iPad with a higher resolution than our iPhone app, to better refine your golf shots!

It's the same content as the iPhone app, but modified especially for use on the iPad.

Try it out today!

Check out the Golf Like a Tour Pro HD DVD!

Golf Like a Tour Pro HD DVD

For those of you without iPhones, now you TOO can Golf Like a Tour Pro. Check out Kevin's DVD with the same shot analysis and in-depth instruction that is offered on the app - also in high quality HD video.


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Carry a PGA Tour Pro in your Pocket

Youíre out on the course and youíve just whacked the ball into a tough lie. What to do? You scour your brain for what you learned in lessons, read in books, saw in videos. But nothing comes. You have to hit your way out of it with no guidance other than your faulty memory.

Now thereís a better way: Golf Like a Tour Pro on the iPhone is an app that blows all other golf instruction apps away. Developed and written by Top-100 ranked PGA golfer Kevin Streelman, Golf Like A Tour Pro fits in your pocket but gives you expert guidance on more than 50 shots-only for $4.99.

The 90% Problem
and How Golf Like a Tour Pro Helps

More than 90% of the problems that amateur golfers have come from improper set up. Itís not your swing, your mental makeup, or your trick knee. Itís how you approach the shot.

Golf Like a Tour Pro breaks each shot down with a summary page that tells you how to approach the shot at a glance; a strategic analysis of the type of shot; a tip on the shot from PGA Touring Pro Kevin Streelman; and high-definition video for each shot. Not sure of the hand position on a shot? Choose the slow-motion HD video option. All of this for $4.99.

See a list of all 50 golf shots in Golf Like a Tour Pro right here!

Small enough to go to the course, in-depth enough to use as a reference

Everybodyís looking for golf tools that work. This one does. Itís written by a PGA Tour Pro in clear, understandable language. There are HD videos and analysis to show exactly what you should do for each shot you encounter on the golf course. All of it for less than the price of a sleeve of balls.




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